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10 Ways to Level Up Your In-Store Customer Service

When it comes to driving sales and retaining a loyal customer base, providing top-notch customer service is important to any business. Read on for 10 ways to level up your own in-store customer service!

  1. Greet every customer: Make a good first impression! Acknowledging and greeting every customer makes them feel welcome and goes a long way in building repeat business.
  2. Consider your non-verbal communication: Your non-verbal communication skills, like listening to your customers and responding to their own non-verbal cues,  can be just as important as the words you say.
  3. Engage in conversation: To truly build relationships with your customers, you need to first break the ice. Don’t be afraid to engage them in conversation, ask questions, and provide feedback when asked to help build a bond.
  4. Demo your products: Get creative and provide “show and tell” opportunities that let your customers get a first-hand look at your products and their benefits.
  5. Solicit feedback: In order to best serve your customers, it's important to encourage honest feedback. This can be done via surveys, online reviews, or simply by asking! 
  6. Be solution-oriented: Chances are, your business can offer a solution to a customer’s need or problem. Addressing and responding to your customers’ needs is how you earn their loyalty.
  7. Create experiences: Shopping in-person provides an experience that e-commerce and online retailers simply can not match. Think of every customer service interaction as an experience that you want to make as positive and memorable as possible.
  8. Provide personalized attention: Providing personalized, one-on-one attention and service makes customers feel valued. Whenever possible, add a personal touch to your customer service. This can be as simple as greeting a repeat customer by their first name, but will go a long way in showing you appreciate their business.
  9. Show appreciation: It may seem insignificant, but a simple “thank you for your business!” to show appreciation can help build a good rapport with your customers. 
End interactions with a fond farewell: How you end a customer service interaction can be just as important as how it started. Similar to making a good first impression, it’s important to leave customers with a positive “fond farewell.” Offering a sincere thank you and goodbye as customers depart your business will leave a lasting impression.